Need new tyres?

Having the use of a car is so handy when you have little children – it makes it a lot easier to ferry them around to their various clubs and activities, get to doctors appointments on time and make summer holiday trips much more accessible. But along with having a car comes a responsibility to keep on top of the maintenance – both for safety reasons and to ensure good all round performance.

Tyres are one of the most important things to take care of. It can be very tempting to buy cheap, budget tyres in an attempt to save money, but it can be a false economy. We like to invest in a better tyre to make sure we are getting the best grip, performance and wear that we can. Michelin have developed Total Performance, designed to be a match for a variety of driving conditions, road surfaces and journeys. Every year, Michelin carry out 75,000 tests with consumers, studying real driving conditions with real drivers. They are now launching a new initiative too – a live driving lab, fitting special monitoring equipment into the cars of 3,000 cars across Europe. All this collective information has been put together in the Road Usage Lab, a digital hub designed to bring together everything they know from current and previous studies. So you can drive on your way, knowing that Michelin have you covered.



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