Travelling to France: ferry or plane?

Recently we’ve been looking at options for next year’s family holiday and France is looking more and more tempting. We spotted an interesting graphic produced by Brittany Ferries that you can see below which compares a family of four travelling to Western France via ferry versus plane.
Whilst it’s very pro ferry of course, given who created it, we do agree that the cross channel ferry to France is a great way to travel on holiday and for us, it’s mainly for these two reasons:

You don’t need to hire a car!
Hiring a family sized car on holiday is expensive, especially when adding insurance and children’s seats. Taking your own car removes a huge expense from your holiday and with mouths to feed and accommodation to pay for, this is a huge help. The French drive on the opposite side of the road to us Brits – so having your own car when you arrive in France is just one less thing to worry about. You know what all the buttons do, you know exactly how to put the children’s chairs in and out and you have your own music.

You can take as much baggage as you want! Bikes included!
Those who’ve experienced travelling with children will understand the huge importance of having no baggage restrictions. A week or a fortnight away from home requires a lot of baggage, there’s no getting away from that fact. With a ferry, there are no baggage restrictions so you can fill your car boot and roof box if you need extra space.
Also – we love to go on family bike rides whilst on holiday so taking our own car means we can stick the bike rack on the back, load on the bikes and away we go. No need to hire expensive sub standard bikes when we are there!

Ferry to France vs Plane

Image source: Brittany Ferries – Ferry VS Plane to France

Have you travelled by ferry with your family? Was it a positive experience?


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