Review: Lamaloli clothing

Lamaloli clothing reviewI hadn’t heard of Lamaloli clothing before an email landed in my inbox asking if we would like to review. Before I agreed I headed over to the website to see exactly what they had to offer. In essence, Lamaloli is a fashion brand offering heaps of well priced clothing featuring your childrens favourite characters. There is also a small adult and accessories section, although I didn’t spend much time here as I knew I would be ordering for the children.

After some consultation with the kids, we chose Hello Kitty leggings and a Monster High top for Gemma, a Hot Wheels tshirt and Skylanders pyjamas for Jacob and a Cars tshirt and Bob the Builder pyjamas for Max. All this came to £40 – quite a bargain for character branded clothing! The sizing is slightly unusual in that it comes in 2 year gaps, so for almost 7 year old Jacob I had to choose age 8 for example, but it actually fits quite well – I would describe it as more of a 7-8 really.

Gemma and Jacob love their items. I don’t often buy them character clothes, as they are usually so expensive, so this was a treat for them. Jacob hasn’t stopped wearing his Hot Wheels top since it arrived, and the Skylanders pyjamas are a firm favourite at bedtime. Gemma described her outfit as ‘grown up and smart’ – although it is character branded it isn’t a look that is too young for a 9 year old in my opinion. Max doesn’t really have favourite characters yet, but he does love cars in general, and has enjoyed pointing out the car on his new tshirt. The Bob pyjamas are a tad too big for him just yet – I ordered size 2 as he will turn 2 in May, but the shorts are huge at the moment. 

Everything washes well, it feels good quality, and there has been no stretching or distortion of prints even after several wears and washes. I think these clothes will be worn time and time again, and with really great offers and tshirts starting at just £4/5 we will certainly be shopping here again – both for our own children and for presents for others. 



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