8 of the most awesome bedding sets


We spend around a third of our lives in bed – so choosing the perfect bedding set can take time. Above is a list of the 8 most awesome bedding sets that might just inspire you to pull the curtains, put your pyjamas on ans jump into bed! Which is your favourite? I know a little boy who would love this racing car set!

bedding sets

I always find it hard to choose bedding sets. In an ideal world I want crisp, clean white cotton – but in practice, with 4 small children and 2 cats in the house, that’s not the most sensible choice. So I tend to go for soft colours – creams, duck egg blues, mint greens. They make me feel cool and relaxed, especially in this summer heat, and I think they always look pretty smart too. Now here’s another question for you – ironing bedding. Yes or no? I have to admit I am too lazy to iron mine, but I do love the look of a freshly ironed bedsheet, it’s so inviting. Maybe it’s something I should start doing – when I have time….


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