Designing my dream bedroom

As many of you will know, we are soon to move into our dream home – a brand new 4 bedroom detached house on a site that has just begun development. It will mean living in something of a building site for a while, but short term pain, long term gain and all that. The house is getting there now – we have 4 walls and a roof, and are just waiting on windows, doors and the interior so we can move in.

One of the real benefits of buying a brand new house is being able to choose a lot of the interior design – we have chosen our kitchen cupboards and worktops, the carpets and flooring, the paint colour, the appliances and the lighting. Of course, it will still be something of an empty shell when we first get in, but it will be lovely knowing that it is just how we want it.

One of the rooms that won’t be overly designed is the master bedroom. We have chosen the wall colour and have paid to have a big triple fitted wardrobe with sliding doors, but apart from that the rest will be down to us to design. I have always wanted something of a ‘design bedroom‘ – you know what I mean right? Like a hotel. Calm, serene colours, minimal furniture, smooth lines, crisp bed linen. Peaceful. Something like this design from Homify.

Minimalist bedroom by ISLABAU constructora
It’s just so serene isn’t it? Billowing white curtains, crisp white bed covers, a smooth clean floor and nothing much but a bed and a chair. Somewhere I can walk into at the end of a manic day with the children and just breathe a sigh of relief. My space. Free of kids toys, clutter and biscuit crumbs. I can just imagine myself sitting in that bed having a cup of tea looking out the window at a gorgeous view (OK, OK, my view is likely to be bricks and diggers for a while, but it will be beautiful eventually!)
I want white. White and maybe some wicker. Nothing bright, nothing in your face, and nothing remotely child like. My bedroom is my sanctuary, and I want it to feel like a boutique hotel. Who wouldn’t?!
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