Great ideas to keep the family entertained on holiday

Heading off on holiday is always an exciting time for families, as it means being able to spend some quality time together, enjoy a chance of scenery and take part in a range of activities. It also means the chance to kick back and relax, particularly for the adults. However, even if you are heading to a destination that has plenty to keep you busy it is also important to ensure you look at other forms of entertainment so that you don’t find yourselves bored and with nothing to do during your time away.

 The first thing to think about is keeping the kids entertained while you travel to your destination, whether that’s by car, air or coach. Children – especially the younger ones – can get very fidgety when travelling, particularly if they are already excited about going away. Depending on the age of your kids you could take along a range of items to keep them entertained from books to read along the way through to a portable DVD player, a tablet or games that they can play on the journey.

Taking items such as these for the children will also mean that they have something to keep them entertained while on holiday. This means that when it gets late and they are not quite ready for bed or if there is bad weather one day, they can still stay in the hotel room or accommodation and keep themselves busy.

Keeping the adults entertained

Another thing you need to think about is taking entertainment along for yourselves as the parents. Again, if you have a long journey ahead of you and you’re not driving you may want to take along a selection of books or better still an eBook reader so that you can enjoy a choice of reading material without having to lug loads of books around.

Also, take along your smartphone or tablet as this not only makes communication with friends and other family members easier but also enables you to enjoy a host of entertainment at your fingertips. So, if you’re at a loose end or relaxing by the pool you can have a little fun playing bingo online with the Dream Bingo mobile app. You can also use other apps such as music and movie streaming, giving you the chance to relax once the kids finally get tired and head to bed.

With the range of technology available these days, such as tablets, smartphones, e-readers and portable gaming consoles, you don’t even have to worry about finding room in the luggage for the variety of entertainment you need to take along for your holiday.

 * In collaboration with Marie Weston *


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