5 ways to boost your income at home

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Whether you’re trying to make a significant purchase or simply need to raise funds quickly in order to make ends meet, you might be thinking about taking out a loan to boost your finances. While companies like CarCashPoint offer a hassle-free lending service with loans ranging from £500 – £100,000, there are other ways to make money on a long-term basis if you’re willing to work hard.

Intrigued? Then here are five ways to boost your income from home:

  1. Become a freelancer
    If you already have a full or part-time career, you’re probably not looking to commit to another contracted role. Being officially employed by a company can limit your freedom, so why not make the most of your talents and look around for freelance work? Everything from web designers to editors are needed across the world and you’ll also find content roles advertised on sites like Copify.
  2. Become a private tutor
    Another way to increase the amount you earn each week/month is to become a private tutor. If you’ve already got a teaching qualification, you’ll be in good stead already to market your services and start running lessons from home. If you’re not already qualified, you might decide to do a TEFL course (or something similar) online, as this can usually be completed in a couple of months and allows you to teach people looking to learn English as a foreign language.

One-on-one lessons are highly sought after and appeal to both adults and parents looking for extra tuition for their children, so training to be a private tutor is certainly worth considering.

  1. Take care of kids
    If you’re a stay-at-home mum who wants to earn a living but can’t stand the thought of leaving your own kids – becoming a babysitter could be ideal. Not only can you spend quality time with your children but you can get paid for looking after other small tots at your own home. This job is also ideal for those with childcare qualifications, but remember you must register with Ofsted or a childminder agency if you want to be paid to look after children under eight for more than two hours a day in England.
  2. Run an ironing service
    Hate ironing? Then this won’t be the job for you! But, if you’ve already got a pile of laundry to de-crease and don’t mind straightening out other bits and bobs, you could easily set up your own ironing service. There are many people out there these days who don’t have the desire or time to iron their own clothes and are in need of someone to do it for them. Sure, this might not be the most glamorous of tasks, but get your rates right from the start and it’s a great little earner.
  3. Look after pets
    Pet owners often feel incredibly guilty leaving their beloved animals at home alone all day while they are at work – but you could ease their discontent by setting up a pet sitting service. This is a great way to earn extra funds from home, especially if you’ve got a large property with plenty of outside space as cats, dogs and other pets will be able to roam around freely. You could also look after smaller creatures like fish, rabbits and guinea pigs when people go on holiday as this will give people peace of mind while allowing you to earn a bit of extra cash.

There are many ways to boost your income from home; it’s just a case of thinking outside of the box and being proactive.

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