Fun ways to have a relaxing day

Sometimes it can be so hard to tear yourself away from all of the daily tasks to concentrate on some quality ‘me-time’. So I’ve done a little research and come up with some of my failsafe ideas for a relaxing day that could see you indulging in a relaxing spa, experiencing the glamour of the roulette table, or even just checking out the latest heart-melting romantic movie!


If ever I’m feeling a bit run down, then it’s always the idea of heading to a spa that seems massively appealing. One of my favourites in the local area is Bovey Castle that has luxury spa days that can grant us all access to the sauna, steam room and jacuzzi and help us all feel brand new in no time.

Bovey Castle also has a pretty impressive gym, but I prefer my exercise a little more relaxing. Thankfully the hotel is located right in the middle of beautiful Dartmoor National Park, and as a good walk is one of the best ways to let the stress slip off your shoulders, I’d be sure to give it a go – and of course have a lovely afternoon tea waiting for me on my return!

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Of course, if that sounds a little too much like hard work, then simply heading out to the cinema is another great way to lose yourself in another world and forget the stresses of the day. I particularly enjoy the latest romantic movies, and Me Before You has been getting some great reviews, so I’d be keen to check that out.

Even if you’re looking to stay at home, there’s plenty of great romantic films currently on Netflix like Begin Again and The Best of Me to enjoy. Similarly, there’s plenty of fun to be had on your mobile with puzzle games like Piano Tiles and Colour Switch, and if you’ve ever fancied a little casino gaming then you can try it out at the Coral website that has some opulent games of online roulette that are easy to learn and can provide some handy winnings too.

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These kind of games are great as they take your mind away from all of the day to day tasks and are a good way to pass the hours from the comfort of your sofa. It kind of ties in to the ‘mindfulness’ craze that’s been sweeping the UK that aims to help us all live in the moment a bit more.

So whether it’s unwinding with one of the latest adult colouring books, walking around our beautiful countryside, or even just having another game of online roulette, there are plenty of ways to ensure that we get to enjoy some relaxing and rejuvenating ‘me-time’!


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