Review: Kinetic Sand Bakery Boutique

Like most kids, my lot love sand – building castles, digging, making their own creations. I have to admit, I am not quite so keen on it – especially the sand sets that are designed to be used indoors – you know the sort. I just end up finding sand everywhere for weeks on end, and feeling it under my feet when I walk around the house. Drives me nuts. 

So when we were offered the chance to review the new Kinetic Sand Bakery Boutique, I was dubious. But in the name of research, we decided to give it a go.

Kinetic Sand Bakery Boutique

Kinetic Sand is a mouldable, squashable sand which sticks to itself. It will flow through your fingers, much like a slow moving liquid, but your hands remain dry and sand free. It also claims to never dry out – we have so far had this set for about 3 weeks and I can confirm that the sand is exactly the same consistency as it was when we opened it.

The Bakery Boutique comes with 2 colours of sand, and all the pieces you need to create cakes and bakery treats. You can keep the colours separate or mix them together to make a new colour. There are heart and flower moulds which you can use to make decorations for the cakes, and a rotating cake stand to display things on. 

Kinetic Sand Bakery Boutique

Kinetic Sand Bakery Boutique

Kinetic Sand Bakery Boutique

The box itself opens out into a playset, where you can display and store all your creations. The box does fold down again for storage, but bear in mind it is a cardboard box, so after a few uses it can get a bit bendy and tatty. 

Kinetic Sand Bakery Boutique

Overall, the children have loved the Kinetic Sand Bakery Boutique. The set is simple to use, great for a really wide range of ages, and would be a perfect present for a birthday or special occasion. In regards to the sand getting all over the place – this is nothing like normal sand. It really does stick together, so you get very little waste and very little mess. I won’t pretend that you end up with no sand in the house, but it is a small amount compared to the mess you would get with a traditional sand craft set. 



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