Fertility tracking with Natural Cycles

When we decided we wanted to start a family, we were lucky enough to fall pregnant pretty quickly. However, I know many of my friends who have struggled to conceive, and I know that for them, fertility tracking has given them reassurance when planning a family, and helped them to maintain some control.

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Natural Cycles is a hormone free fertility app, which you can download onto your phone or tablet – and it is completely tailored to you and your cycle. You use it to keep track of your body temperature, which will show your most fertile days, and the days of ovulation. This allows you to know when the most fertile time for you is, and increase your chances of conceiving. You simply take your temperature each morning before getting out of bed and add it to the app. Your temperature is actually a great indirect measure of your body’s natural hormones and can indicate ovulation – which is why fertility tracking can be so useful. As you use the app over the course of a cycle, it uses an algorithm to learn your normal, and predict ovulation and your fertile window. 

As well as using the app to track your fertile times, you can also use it to see when your period is due or during pregnancy. 

Natural Cycles is in partnership with leading experts in the field of contraception and fertility and together they perform research and improve women’s health. Hormone free, easy to use and a must have for anyone looking to start or expand their family. Natural Cycles are so confident that the app will work for you, that they are offering women in the UK a refund if they don’t conceive in the first year of use, as well as 50% off a yearly subscription by visiting https://www.naturalcycles.com/en/plan and inputting this code (valid until 31 December): FAMILYFEVERNC

All subscriptions include a free basal thermometer too, to get you up and running straight away. The annual plan comes with a 40% discount, but if you want to give it a try first, there is the option to sign up for a 1 month free trial too.

I know many of my friends have used temperature tracking and ovulation kits before, but to me, this seems a much easier option. No need to scribble everything down on a piece of paper, no need to use fiddly ovulation sticks every day. Simple record everything on the app, and take control of your own fertility. 

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