Bridal blunders | Mistakes to avoid when choosing your wedding dress

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Your wedding dress is likely to be the most expensive outfit you will ever buy, so it makes sense to take your time to find the right one. Many brides-to-be rush out the bridal store expecting to find the perfect dress in five minutes. This is unlikely to happen. If you do try to rush the process you’ll end up with a dress you don’t like when it comes to the big day. The most important thing to remember is to set yourself a budget and stick to it. If you have a tight budget, consider buying a pre-owned wedding dress.

If you’re interested in affordable pre-owned bridal gowns or mother-of-the-bride dresses, check out Josie Daga’s website for some ideas. Here are some tips to help you avoid making bridal blunders.

Don’t Shop Too Early

Just because you’re having a long engagement doesn’t mean you have to rush out and buy your wedding dress straight way. Don’t start shopping more than eight months ahead of the special day. And don’t start looking for a dress until you’re ready to buy one otherwise you may end up falling in love with a dress before you are able to purchase it. You will need to have all your other wedding details worked out before you can even begin thinking about a dress, so you know what colour and design will look best. Your wedding venue will also influence the style of dress you choose. An extravagant bridal gown with a long train will look magnificent if you’re getting married in a ballroom, but wouldn’t quite have the same effect at a beach wedding.

Don’t Take Too Many People

It’s a great idea to take a wedding dress buddy along with you when you go shopping for your bridal gown, but don’t be tempted to take all of your friends and relatives along. You might think that it’s a good idea to have plenty of advice, but too many opinions will just leave you feeling confused and frustrated. You may even feel under pressure to choose a dress that you don’t really care for. Remember, it’s your wedding day and you have the final say on which dress you choose.

Wear the Right Undergarments

Don’t underestimate the importance of your underwear when you’re trying on dresses. Wearing specialty underwear that is well-structured and shaped to support your body will ensure that your wedding dress will fit you perfectly. Think about foundation undergarments that will shape your form and give you support. You can save the lacy underwear for your honeymoon. Don’t convince yourself to buy a dress because it looked great in the magazines. Pick a dress that will complement the shape of your figure

Don’t Try On Too Many Dresses

Experts say that most brides try on four to seven gowns before they find the right one, and advise that you should not try on more than ten. If you try on dress after dress you will just become confused and disheartened. Keep in mind the dress you originally set out to find and buy it as soon as you find it. Don’t hold back in the hope that you may find something you will like even more, you’ll only start to doubt yourself and the whole shopping experience will become stressful.

Don’t Be Tempted By The Deep Discount

It’s okay to look online to get an idea of the style of dress you prefer, but many brides make the mistake of buying a dress online because it’s offered at a time-limited big discount. A wedding dress is something that you have to try before you buy; online shopping just doesn’t cut it. Also be careful of sample sales. Although you can get good deals, remember these dresses are samples. Make sure that you check them over inch by inch before you buy, because they may have flaws.

Don’t Try to Squeeze into the Wrong Size

Although you may not be aware, wedding dresses are typically one or two sizes smaller than day-wear clothes so don’t freak out about the number. Instead focus on how your measurements match with the numbers on the specific designer’s chart. There’s no need to panic if the dress doesn’t quite fit when it arrives, you can always have it altered to fit you perfectly.

If you avoid these mistakes, shopping for your wedding dress can be fun, and once you have it, you can focus on enjoying your wedding day.


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