My summer wardrobe essentials

summer wardrobe

With the exception of today (I am currently listening to the wind and rain lash against the window), the weather has been pretty agreeable this year. It’s certainly motivated me to start thinking about my summer wardrobe, which is in desperate need of an overhaul. There are so many things I need – here is my current wish list. 

  • A new swimming costume. This is desperately needed, and is top of my list at the moment. My current swimsuit was worn during pregnancy, and so is stretched and loose now. It’s certainly not very flattering. What do you all prefer – a swimsuit or a bikini/tankini?
  • A maxi dress (or 2). These are so comfortable for summer, and look great too. I also love how easy they are to throw on after swimming or a day at the beach – when you have 4 wriggly children to get dressed, you want something simple for yourself!
  • Sandals. I have been eyeing up some Saltwater sandals for a while now, after trying on a friends pair. They aren’t necessarily the most aesthetically pleasing, but my goodness are they comfortable! They come in some great colours too, perfect for brightening up an outfit. 
  • Hair accessories. Not quite sure what I want here, but I know I need something. I can’t bear having my hair down when it’s hot, but tying it up in a ponytail gets a bit boring. I am thinking maybe some headscarves or pretty hair bands for a change. 
  • Sunglasses. Mine have mysteriously disappeared – last seen in the hands of a toddler…..
  • Summer tops. Again, my drawers are full of worn out tops, many of which saw me through pregnancy and breastfeeding, meaning they are shapeless and well washed. I want to replace those with a few bright, comfortable tshirts and tank tops. 

Is there anything else I am missing? Are there any summer wardrobe essentials you couldn’t live without?

*This is a collaborative post*



  1. June 6, 2017 / 5:59 pm

    I also need to sort out my summer wardrobe let’s hope we get a decent summer this year I have been out for coffee with my sister this afternoon and it was freezing not a bit like flaming June!

  2. June 9, 2017 / 12:36 am

    “A new swimming costume” thats a weekly problem for me, haha

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