Common childhood skin conditions | Water Warts (commonly called Molluscum or Molluscum Contagiosum)

water warts

Over half of parents have never heard the term ‘water warts’, yet is is a common childhood skin condition, affecting up to 11% of children under 16. It’s actually something we have experienced ourselves – Gemma was about 6 or 7 when she was diagnosed with the condition. She came home from school with little bumps all over the tops of her arms – they looked like little pearls underneath the skin. We took her to the GP when they didn’t go away after a few days, and were told she had ‘molluscum contagiosum’ – or water warts. We were told there wasn’t really any treatment at the time, and that it should clear up on its own within 18 months or so. This did surprise me slightly, as I assumed it would be something that would clear up in a couple of weeks. Luckily, Gemma was quite young when she had it, and so it really didn’t bother her at all – but for older children it can be quite debilitating, and a source of stress, as well as being itchy and uncomfortable for some. Over 11% of children will experience a severe impact on quality-of-life as a result of water warts, and it can be a cause of bullying or isolation. 

I don’t really know how Gemma came to get water warts. Only 44% of mums knew that water warts can be transmitted through skin-to-skin contact (myself included), and so it is most likely that she picked it up from school, or from a soft play centre. Even fewer mums (36%) knew that water warts could be transmitted through sharing items such as toys, towels and bedding (again, I didn’t know this), and so it is easily spread between siblings. 

So, although this is a common condition that isn’t really a cause for parental concern, it’s clear that some children really do suffer as a result of water warts. MolluTinc is a new treatment for water warts available from pharmacies. It is the only product available in the UK to contain 10% potassium hydroxide and works by breaking down the water warts on the skin and allowing the body’s own immune system to tackle the virus that causes them. Applied twice daily for 2-10 days, it can help clear water warts within 1-5 weeks. It is suitable for those aged two years and upwards. That’s a real improvement on the 18 months it could take to go without treatment isn’t it?!



Is this something your child has experienced? How did you manage the condition and any associated symptoms?

This post was sponsored by Glenmark Pharmaceuticals, but all words are my own.


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