5 easy ways to declutter your room


Your bedroom is the first thing that you see when you wake up in the morning and the last sight before going to bed at night. If this room of comfort is cluttered and messy it can have a huge impact on your physical and mental health.  

We are all guilty of hoarding things, but do we really need everything we possess? Decluttering your bedroom will make it neater and cleaner. You’ll spend less time looking for what you need and there will be fewer items maintain.

We have put together five easy ways for you to declutter that chaotic bedroom of yours.

Be practical

If you are the type of person who likes to hold on to pointless things, then de-cluttering will be a very hard action for you to perform. Go through your items logically and ask yourself how often do you use them; the last time you even saw any particular item, and whether or not it makes you happy or just takes up space. Take a bin bag and dispose of anything you have doubts about. If this seems impossible and hoarding has become a real concern, employ some of the tactics described here to fight your feelings.

Bed storage

Do you have drawers below your bed? Or empty space underneath? If so, use it wisely and if you don’t maybe you should invest in a new bed? Take a look at Divan Beds – Zip Link Beds, which are great for moving items around and storage.

It makes sense for you to utilise this space as much as you can – after all, your bed is the focal piece of furniture in your bedroom. You can buy under-bed boxes that are designed specifically to go under the bed, and to hide any clutter and items that you use less regularly. You can then start to populate your room with more furniture, or leave more space in your bedroom.

Make use from awkward spaces

Those awkward nooks and crannies in your bedroom needn’t go to waste – sloped ceilings can be worked around with clever furniture. For example, go for slim one-door wardrobes, corner wall shelving and top boxes to make use of small gaps that wouldn’t usually be used. 


Your bedside table can be more than somewhere to put your book down. Chose one with drawers underneath for more storage space or opt for a chest or draws if you are really struggling for space. It will give you more surfaces to place ornaments on, and more hidden storage.

An Ottoman box at the end of your bed or beneath a window, is another great way to banish your clutter.

Portable shelving

This sort of shelving works for books, laptops, equipment and anything else that would fit well on a shelf. The beauty of portable shelving and cabinets is that there are so many different flexible options, and they come in all shapes and sizes for the perfect fit for any bedroom. They can be reused in different spaces as well, if you decide on a little move around at some point.

Decluttering can be easy and so creative, don’t think of it as a chore, make it fun! Follow these easy steps and revamp your bedroom.


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