Why is it important that your mattress is comfy?


Sleep is something we neglect all too often in our society. But sleep is essential to so many of our biological processes and can throw our whole systems out of whack. A good mattress is also essential for good sleep, making it one of the most important purchases you can make as it will have a direct effect on your quality of life. Here are some of the reasons why a comfy mattress is important.

Prevents Back Pain

Back pain is an epidemic and can be very debilitating. A good mattress will not only be comfortable, but will provide the proper support for your spine and keep it aligned during sleep.

Sleeping with your spine misaligned is one of the fastest ways to end up with severe back and neck pain. So, if you’ve been dealing with more back ache episodes than you’d like to in the past few months, it may be a sign that you should buy a new mattress.

But, don’t just buy any mattress. You need to ensure the one you purchase is quality and tailored to your needs. One recommended retailer of quality bedroom furniture is The Places for Homes whose range of mattresses use various sleep technologies to ensure you get a good night’s rest. You should also ensure your bed and pillows are supportive if you want to prevent back pain even further.

Better Memory

No, we’re not talking about memory foam here. But a nice comfy mattress could also have a direct effect on your memory and how you learn. Most people might assume that sleep is a time of complete rest, but your brain is anything but resting during night time.

Consolidation, a process in which new memories and knowledge are relocated to more efficient and permanent areas of your brain, occurs mainly during sleep. Sleep allows you to synthesise thoughts by combining old thought patterns with new concepts. Hence why good sleep is absolutely essential when it comes to learning.

Improves Overall Health and Weight Control

Sleep isn’t only important for your mental health, but your health in general. Sleep is not a cure all solution for any diseases, however, sleep deprivation has been linked with a whole bevy of disorders such as diabetes, heart disease and obesity just to name a few. In a recent study, it was shown that 4 days of sleep deprivation was enough to elevate blood glucose levels to pre-diabetic levels.

A good mattress can also help you regulate your weight by managing your hormone levels. Leptin, a hormone that has a direct effect on hunger, is released during sleep. Since less leptin is released when you’re sleep deprived, you might have more severe bouts of hunger during the day. In addition to that, poor sleep may make you more sluggish during the day and might interfere with an active routine.

Another aspect we often overlook is the effect of stress on our overall health. Higher stress levels are associated with higher levels of heart disease, obesity, hair loss, and a whole host of other disorders. A good comfy mattress will go a long way in reducing your stress levels by promoting optimal sleep.

As you can see, a good comfy mattress is much more than a simple purchase. It will have an effect of every single area of your life. It will affect your productivity and wellbeing as well as promoting longevity by warding off dangerous diseases.


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