Planning a nursery to grow with your child


Choosing how to decorate your baby’s nursery can be tricky. A lot of people want a design and nursery furniture that will last beyond the baby years and well into childhood. Here are my top tips for planning a nursery to grow with your child.

  1. Choose good quality furniture that can be adapted as your little one grows. A cot bed is a good choice, as it can double as a toddler bed once your little one is ready to progress from the cot. It’s worth investing in a beautiful nursery furniture set. You’re likely to spend a lot of time in this room, with night feeds, nappy changes and playtime on a daily basis, so you want something that is aesthetically pleasing and works with the rest of your home decor. I am a big fan of grey at the moment, and a delicate, soft grey cot, wardrobe and dresser with changer top really make the nursery a peaceful place to spend time.
  2. Consider the flooring. Most people choose carpet for a nursery, but floorboard or good quality laminate work just as well. They tend to be easier to clean (which is always a massive buns with a baby) and you can soften the look with a large rug. There are some beautiful rainbow options available at the moment, which would really ‘pop’ against a grey/white colour scheme.
  3. Don’t go overboard with toys. Especially in the very early days, babies don’t need a lot of toys. Choose a few simple, classic pieces which will grow with your child into toddlerhood and beyond. We really rate the Grimms toys range – beautiful, open ended wooden toys which encourage imaginative play. 
  4. Think about the light. Keep the room fresh and airy with light, voile curtains. Invest in a blackout blind to aid good sleep patterns, and use soft lighting in the room. We really like the Grolight, which has a dim setting for night wakings, and a standard light for playtime and changing. 
  5. Love it! Fill the room with the colours and items which make you happy. A neutral background colour makes it easy to change themes as your child grows, and you can really focus on the details. There are some truly beautiful curtains, rugs, wall art and decorative items out there, so you can make the nursery into a dream room for you and your little one.



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