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Having children is just so utterly life changing. I know people say that all the time, and I remember being told it a lot when I was expecting my first child, but you really don’t appreciate just how life changing it is until you have children yourself. It’s such an experience – a time full of joy, love and happiness, but it can sometimes be a little overwhelming too!

Although having a new baby can be an exciting time for a growing family, research has revealed the hardest things about being a new parent includes lack of sleep (38%), being faced with new responsibilities (14%), reduced self-confidence (10%) and the struggle of trying to lose baby weight (10%). 

With this in mind, it’s shocking to hear that baby expert Dentinox has revealed that two thirds (65%) of new mums have been pushed and shoved in a busy environment, ignored while struggling with their pushchair, or received negative comments about their baby crying in public. Isn’t that sad? We are all fighting our own battles, and it’s SO important to be kind and sympathetic to others. You often only see that tiny snapshot of time, and you really have no idea how the rest of their day has been. A positive comment, a little bit of empathy or a helping hand with the bags might make all the difference to that struggling parent. A kind act can create feelings of happiness and positivity.

According to the research, looking after little ones so new mums can enjoy a much-earned nap or shower is the kindest thing someone can offer – unsurprising when almost one fifth (16%) find a lack of ‘me’ time to be the hardest part of having a baby. This is closely followed by giving words of encouragement (16%), doing the housework (8%) and cooking dinner (5%). Saying a simple thank you is the most popular way of showing appreciation with over one third (36%) of new mums buying a gift and one quarter (25%) offering a home cooked meal.

It just goes to show, it really isn’t that difficult or time consuming to show some kindness, and it really is key for new mums. Here are some ideas to make the transition to parenthood that little bit easier.

  • Be kind to yourself. If you’re the new parent, make sure you get what you need. Whether that is a bubble bath while your partner looks after the baby, or some time to catch up with friends over a coffee, make time for it, and enjoy it. You deserve it.
  • If a friend or relative has recently had a baby, be there for them. You don’t have to buy expensive gifts – as the research above shows, your time is just as valuable. Offer to bring them a meal, do some washing for them or simply watch the baby while they grab a shower. Don’t stop inviting them out just because they’re a parent now – change your plans slightly if needed so that mum and baby can come along and join in the fun!
  • Dentinox understands the importance of kindness, which is why its range of simple and effective baby medicines provide comforting relief when it comes to treating colic, cradle cap and teething, helping to soothe common ailments and put parents minds at ease. We have used both the teething gel and the cradle cap shampoo with our children. The teething gel is smooth and easy to use, spreading easily onto swollen gums. It does seem to give almost instant relief, and allowed our little ones to get some rest or eat a little during painful teething times. The cradle cap shampoo seems to last forever – a little bit goes a long way! Suitable from birth, this shampoo rubs easily into hair, cleansing and helping to loosen cradle cap over time. 

Have you experienced an act of kindness during your pregnancy or early parenting years? I’d love to hear about what happened, or what you do to help when someone you love has a baby.


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