Getting your kids in the garden

child planting flowers in garden

Summer has officially arrived here in the UK. Well, ish. Let’s take any blue skies we can get. Whatever the weather, this season is the perfect time to start growing some fruit and vegetables in the garden. Not only can it save you money in the weekly shop, but it’s a great way to start teaching your kids more about healthy foods and how to prepare, and cook them. Let’s talk about how to get your kids to enjoy gardening, and why it’s important.

Make it Fun

With children of any age, it can be hard to drag them away from the screen. Gardening probably sounds far too grown-up and boring for them. So why not make your garden as kid friendly as possible? Tomatoes are great, because you can see them grow. Strawberries are a sweet treat for everyone, and don’t take too long to fully grow. Choose food that’s interesting for the kids. And, of course, something they will want to eat afterwards.

Make it Healthy

If you’re growing food with your children, it’s such a good opportunity to teach them about healthy eating: getting their five a day, the importance of a balanced diet. You could even get them involved in food preparation and cooking in the kitchen after you’ve picked the produce.

Make it Engaging

According to The Telegraph gardening at a young age can reward children with lots of life skills for when they’re older. Not just the things mentioned earlier, but also patience, creativity, and their confidence. By taking on a sense of responsibility, it adds to a child’s sense of pride and empowerment. It also helps calm them down and aids their well-being. It seems being in a garden gives you a sense of peace, no matter what age you are.

Make it Last

The warmer weather can’t last forever, but that doesn’t mean your newly blossoming garden has to suffer. With the help of Premier Polytunnels you and the kids can be growing your own fruit and vegetables all year round. A polytunnel offers protection throughout the seasons, and you can control the temperature so you and the kids can continue to grow whatever you like.

Make it Environmental

Getting involved in gardening makes children realise the world around them. By getting them in an outside environment, you could use it as an opportunity to teach them more about how to look after the planet. They can treat the world like they treat their garden they’ve worked so hard on.


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