How to simplify travelling with children

travel with kids

Travelling with children can be no easy feat. Not only will you need to arrange passports and pack the right amount of luggage, but you’ll face the challenging task of checking in, enduring airport security, and keeping the children happy during a flight.

As a result, you might be tempted to remain at home rather than heading off on a family holiday. However, it doesn’t need to be an arduous task to enjoy a break with your kids. Find out how to simplify travelling with children.

Find the Perfect Airport Car Park

Improve your travel experience before you even arrive at the airport by choosing the right car park. Choose car parking that not only helps you to reduce your travel expenses, but will provide both you and your family with the easiest experience. Find parking for Gatwick airport that suits your needs, such as Meet & Greet or Park & Ride. With 11 Gatwick Airport parking options to choose from, there’s bound to be a price and spot to suit your family’s needs.

Take the Security Express Lane

Waiting in lengthy airport security queues is anything but fun, which can lead to children becoming tired and irritable. Thankfully, many airlines offer a security express lane, which allows holidaymakers to skip the queues and quickly walk through security.

While it will cost a little extra per person, it might be worth the extra expense if it provides a more enjoyable travel experience for both you and your children.

Pack Plenty of Activities

Sitting in one seat for many hours can lead to bored, restless children, which could create an uncomfortable flight for the whole family. Keep your kids happy by packing plenty of things for them to do.

For example, you could download movies onto their tablet computer, or add travel board games, colouring books, and pencils into their carry-on.

Avoid Jet Lag

If you’re travelling to a different time zone, you will want the whole family to avoid jetlag as much as possible. It might be a wise choose a flight that departs either in the evening or late afternoon. This will make it much easier for your children to sleep during a flight, so they’ll arrive feeling refreshed. You should also encourage your children to drink plenty of water to hydrate their body and increase their energy levels, which can beat jet lag.

Be Prepared for Air Pressure

It’s common for young children to experience ear discomfort due to air pressure during a flight. This can lead to upset or tantrums you will undoubtedly want to avoid.

You can, however, reduce ear discomfort by encouraging your children to drink regularly during the first 30 to 45 minutes of a flight. The regular swallowing can reduce the pressure, so they’ll enjoy a more comfortable trip.

Don’t Give Sweets to Your Kids

Many parents will often give their children sweets during a flight to keep them happy, but this can lead to hyperactivity. Rather than allowing them to fill up on sugar, give your children savoury snacks to banish their hunger, such as bread sticks, cheese cubes, or sandwiches. If they want something sweet, give them a handful of grapes, berries or an apple.


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