Five exciting European destinations for a family cruise


Explore Hip and Creative Belgium

Surrounded by France, Luxembourg, Germany and the Netherlands, Belgium is a country with a mixture of customs and traditions. Stop off for a few days and explore the endless cobbled lanes and canals in Antwerp, or sample the burgeoning beer craft scene in Bruges. If your more of a nature lover, search for native wildlife on the coast. If you want to be in the centre of a culture filled and happening country, Belgium is the place to be.

Seek the Sunshine in Scintillating Spain

Enjoy the sunshine and endless beaches on the coast of Spain. You can book a space on an Iberian cruise and visit one of the infamous Spanish Costas, including; the Costa Del Sol, the Costa Blanca, the Costa Brava and more. Spain can offer visitors tropical nature, historical buildings, a variety of international cuisine and a range of water parks and children’s clubs for younger ones . Spain has interesting activities for every type of visitor.

Immerse Yourself in illuminating Italy

Italy! The land of pasta, espresso and love. If you want to treat your family with an essential Italian experience, why not book a Mediterranean cruise and sail towards a feast of delicious pizza, pasta and gelato. Whilst you’re there you can explore Rome; the infamous UNESCO world heritage site and explore the old city. You could also venture next door to Vatican city, the smallest country in the world. You’ll never get bored.

Moor in Peaceful Portugal

If you are seeking a more laid back vacation with your family, choose a cruise that visits countries with a warmer climate and interesting traditions, including Portugal. There you can explore the enticing Moorish history in Lagos, Lisbon or Porto, then relax on the Algarve and enjoy some quality family time on the beach.

Marvel at Majestic Malta

Malta is a land made for explorers. The island has areas just waiting to be explored through a range of exciting water activities, including scuba diving, water skiing and parasailing. If you and your family are interesting in sporting activities and culture, then you should consider a cruise that includes a stop in Malta.

Europe is a popular holiday destination that offers something for everyone. Explorers can seek hidden historical treasures, culture buffs can browse innovative centres and for the more extreme there are a plethora of sporting activities available including scuba diving and parasailing. Cruises can give holidaymakers the change to explore more than one country at a time. Choose a cruise with a valued and dependable company, like the Bolsover Cruise Club, which offers a range of routes with P&O.


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