Keeping the kids occupied on rainy days during the holidays

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This summer, we’ve been lucky enough to enjoy one of the longest-running heatwaves in modern times. However, as the rain starts to make a reappearance, it’s a good idea to start coming up with some ideas to keep the kids entertained.

Here, you’ll discover some of the best tips to keep your kids occupied on rainy days during the holidays.

Enjoy an indoor family day trip

Just because the weather’s rubbish, it doesn’t mean you can’t leave the house. There’s plenty of awesome indoor attractions you can head to with the family. Cadbury World in Birmingham is always a great choice for example. You’ll get to grow your own virtual cocoa beans, your kids can play in the novelty playground and you’ll also get to see magnificent chocolate rain.

Other ideas include going bowling, heading to a local museum or an indoor wildlife sanctuary.

Host a movie marathon

Sometimes it’s nice to stay in and get cosy on the sofa together. What better way to enjoy a rainy day than hosting your own movie marathon? The kids will love it, especially if you stock up on popular movie snacks such as popcorn and ice cream.

Check out all of the new dvd releases to see what you and the kids could watch. If you need to crack on with chores while your kids watch films, you could always invite their friends over to join in.

Compete in a family bake off

Most kids love to bake, and it can be a great bonding activity that you can do together. Hosting your own little family bake-off adds a competitive, fun element to it, making it fun for you too.

You’ll need to plan ahead to make sure you have all of the ingredients needed. You could simply do the bake-off for fun, or you could make it truly competitive and provide prizes for the winner. Biscuits and cakes are always fun to bake, just be sure you keep your child’s age in mind when coming up with recipe ideas.

These are just 3 great ideas you can try out on rainy days during the holidays. There’s so many things you can do, regardless of how much money you have available. Why not try out one of the above ideas today? Coming up with things to do on rainy days can make the summer holidays a lot less stressful.


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