Checklist for winter

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Winter is usually the hardest season for most people because of the cold and terrible weather. Interestingly, winter is not only a tough season for people but also for cars and motorists. It can take a toll on you and your car especially if you don’t prepare well in advance. Below is a checklist for winter that would come in handy for motorists. 

Car checkups service and maintenance 

It is important to carry out regular car checkups, service and maintenance but more importantly just before winter. The service carried out on the car in readiness for winter is similar to normal service but extra attention is given to some parts. For instance, more attention is given to the engine, all lights, wipers, brakes, fan belts, heater, and defroster among other things. The door hinges, latches, and locks are lubricated. In other words, all car parts are checked and necessary action is taken. 

Tyres fittings repair and maintenance 

The tyres of your car should always be in good condition to assure your safety and the safety of others. Make sure they are checked before winter to ascertain their tread and pressure. Proper tread and pressure will ensure that they provide the necessary control and grip required on slippery, icy roads. If the tyres are worn-out, have them replaced with new ones. You also have the option of purchasing winter tyres especially if you commute daily during winter. 

Proper functioning of car battery 

The damp and cold winter weather really strains the car battery. It reduces the ability of the battery to provide enough power to start and run the car. The battery is drained further as the car uses the electrical devices more during winter. This means that your battery should be in tip-top condition during this season. Just have the battery tested and if it has not been changed recently, consider changing it. This will ensure that it doesn’t conk out in the freezing temperatures. 

MOT testing 

After service and maintenance have been carried out on your car, you can confidently take it for the MOT test. This compulsory, yearly test is basically a full inspection of the car carried out by authorised garages. The significance of this test is to ensure that the car is roadworthy and environmental friendly. If your car passes the MOT test before winter, you are definitely ready to take the season head-on. 

There are serious consequences of neglecting your car and they are more likely to rare their ugly head during winter. You can prevent most of these consequences by taking your car for regular checkup, maintenance, and service. By so doing, you save money on repair costs as problems can be identified and dealt with before they become too costly. In addition, a neglected car is a danger to you and other road users. 

The car is a very valuable possession and you should take good care of it. This involves more than just washing it and filling the gas tank. If you want to give your car a long life and also get the best value from it, just take it for regular checkups, maintenance and service. It is better to be proactive than being reactive. You could visit Fife Autocentre for professional car service and reliable car battery fittings in Stirling.



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