6 tips for a stress free family house move


Moving can be stressful at the best of times, let alone when you have a herd of excited children arguing over which bedroom is theirs. But it can be a lot easier than you think if you just prepare in advance. Children get excited for a reason, they see it as an adventure and so can you. It doesn’t have to be the stereotypical, stressful event we all imagine it is.

The key to a stress-free move is preparing as early as possible and to remain calm amongst the chaos. It can be fun thinking of creative ways to keep the kids interested and it might even save you some money along the way. Just follow our 6 simple tips for a stress-free family house move to make the process even more efficient and enjoyable.

  1. Pick a Removals Firm Early

Neglecting to book a removals firm could lead to the company being unable to work during the date of your move. Start comparing removal quotes as soon as possible to help save you money and find a variety of options in case plans fall through. Don’t leave it until the last minute, find someone reliable and professional who can work the days you require.

Your personal items are all going to be loaded and relocated, you need to make sure you correctly compare companies to ensure that the team are trustworthy and experienced enough to complete the move to your standards. It’s always good to compare first!

      2. Clean and Prepare

Cleaning and pre-preparing the house is an essential step that can be crucial for a smooth and stress-free move. You need to plan in advance and create a list of everything that needs completing. Give yourself enough time to slowly and quietly finish everything without worry. Dedicate a day or two to a deep-clean and declutter to begin the packing process.

Decluttering your home is a great help as it reduces the amount of packing and the number of boxes needed to be moved. Whatever you don’t use or want, get rid of it! Charity shops, online auctions, dispose of it as you see fit. This could then save you money in the long run as the removals team won’t need to load as much. To help you begin, we even have a list of useful decluttering tips to improve your strategy.

      3. Make a Game of It

Use this time to make some fun memories. Let the kids decorate their own moving boxes, get them to scribble little images onto them or add sticky notes to help your future self or the movers. Get their favourite toys involved by giving them “tasks” to help and make sure they’re not packed without the children knowing otherwise there’ll be a few tantrums to work through.

Turn the music up full-blast when packing or cleaning, create a soundtrack or playlist to get everyone moving. Asking everyone for requests can also improve the car journey as they wait for their choice to appear.

Before moving day, the house might be a little sparse and empty with everything packed away. This could feel unsettling at first but can also be made fun! Pretend your camping in the living room if the beds have already been removed, create dens from spare boxes or sheets. Waste not, want not! Use everything to your advantage and add a little imagination.

     4. Establish a Routine

As most parents will understand, a routine is key. It can help organise as well as settle everyone into the moving process and create a more calm and prepared mindset. Keeping to regular mealtimes and bedtimes can be the perfect way to battle the chaos. Routine can help kids thrive, especially in a stressful environment.

Making their favourite meals, playing regular games, anything that keeps that familiarity stable can be beneficial. But, most importantly, take care of yourself. A routine can also help you feel calmer which the children will then pick up on. By setting the example, the children will follow in your footsteps and realise there is nothing to worry about when moving.

     5. Pack a Survival Kit for Moving Day

An essential item for any moving day is the overnight survival kit. Pack only everyday items that will be crucial during the journey and during the first night in your new home. From medication to phone chargers, you’d be surprised what necessities you might forget. You won’t want to be ripping boxes open after travelling so it’s best to make a list the day before to prepare in advance.

The children may also need their own personal bags. Favourite toys, snacks and drinks, it’s good to keep these items with them during the process so that they feel happy and entertained. If you ask them a few days in advance, they might tell you themselves what they want to take or even the pyjamas they want to wear during the first night. You’ll be surprised how much thought they put into it. Make it as exciting as possible for them and don’t forget to communicate.

     6. Say Goodbye

A good way to get closure during a move is to simply say goodbye. Take the time to wave goodbye to old rooms or even ask the kids to write a letter to the new tenants, describing all the fun times they had in the house. You could even plan a farewell party or make scrapbooks, just don’t forget to mention the excitement of moving somewhere new.

Little ideas like these are great ways to reminisce about old memories and joyful times in the old house. It could also be good therapy for you too as you look back on cherished memories you’ve made, but most importantly, the ones you’re about to make.


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