Four reasons to get a private registration plate

When you buy a new or used car, you don’t have to pay extra for the number-plates. They will already be attached, paid for and registered. So, why would you want to go through the hassle of replacing your number plate for a private registration plate? Well, more and more people want the things they own to be unique and personalised. Registration plates are no different. If you want your car to stand out from the crowd, a distinguishable one-off plate could be for you. There are other good reasons for getting private registration plates too, as you’ll find out in the following helpful information.

#1: You Can Express Yourself

One of the main reasons people get private registration plates is it allows them to express who they are. Choosing a personalised plate can be a creative and fun activity. You could decide to get a number plate that features part of your name or your occupation. Alternatively, you could include numbers that have personal significance. For instance, the numbers could relate to an anniversary or your birthday. With millions of private number plates available from various companies, you can express your personality through your car registration plate in whichever way you wish. A great place to start your search is via Absolute Reg, who have more than 45 million registrations available. That is more than any other dealer. You can search for private reg plates with the company’s state-of-the-art search facility; which makes it easy to find a number plate that expresses who you are.

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#2: You Can Hide Your Car’s Age

Although it’s illegal to make your car look younger, you can legally disguise your car’s age by having a personalised registration plate. You’ll notice that when you buy private number plates for a car, they don’t contain a letter or number that identify your car’s age in the way that regular number plates do. You might not be able to make an old banger look more modern by merely attaching a private number plate to it. However, you can make your car’s appearance younger by having a license plate that doesn’t reveal its age.

#3: It’s an Excellent Investment Opportunity

People are increasingly purchasing private registration plates as an investment. That is because personalised number plates hold their value and can increase in value over time. In recent years, private registration plates have gained more value than ever before. It is, therefore, no wonder people are investing in them rather than putting their money into bonds and savings accounts. You could decide to buy a private plate that has a special meaning to you with the knowledge that you can sell it for a profit later on. Alternatively, you could buy a plate solely for investment purposes.

#4: You Won’t Forget Your Registration Number

Regular car registration plate numbers aren’t easy to remember. How many times have you been asked to give your registration number and not known it? You will then have needed to pop outside to double-check the answer. Such situations can happen a lot. By getting a private registration plate, you can eliminate that hassle. After all, a personalised plate is personal to you, so you’re unlikely to forget it.


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