5 occasions to gift someone chocolate

We tend to buy chocolates for a variety of celebrations from birthdays to anniversaries or most famously Valentine’s Day. They are a long-lasting safe option for whatever the occasion. In our opinion, gifting can never go wrong – who doesn’t love a delicious box of chocolates


A birthday can be one of the most exciting and important celebrations in someone’s life, spent amongst family and friends.  Why not splash out on their favourite brand of chocolate – opting to personalise either the flavour or packaging for an extra special touch. This could be something you gift as a tradition each year. 

Anniversary or Valentine’s Day

Why not pick up some cute red and pink heart shaped treats for your loved one? Dark chocolate is known for being a romantic gift, and spending a cosy night in with your favourite person and a box of sweet treats could be the perfect way to celebrate a happy occasion. Well, that is if your partner wants to share them…


The perfect time to indulge and fill your boots with as much chocolate and sweets as you can find. This is a great opportunity to try some new flavours – such as festive spice or mint or cinnamon. With many brands offering chocolate hampers and festive chocolate-themed gifts, this could be the perfect gift for a loved one this Christmas. 

Condolence gift 

When a friend or a family member receives some bad news, sending them a heartfelt card and box of chocolate is a great way to show that you care and are thinking of them. Having chocolate to pick at during their hard time when they may have lost their appetite will be hugely appreciated by them, and is a very thoughtful gift.

As a Thank you gift 

Are you recently done really well at a sports competition, or have you passed an important test and you want to say thank you to a special teacher? It is a great way to express your gratitude and even better, chocolate can be saved and enjoyed at any time. Regardless of it being a small or big task they supported you to achieve, anyone would be grateful for you to show your appreciation. Likewise, if you own a business, chocolate can be a perfect thank you to customers for choosing your business, and to let them know that you are thankful. 



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