Exclusive Design Trends for Offices That Will Shape 2023

We are in the second half of 2022, which means 2023 is just a couple of months ahead. Home design ideas are already on their way, but how about offices?

Throughout time, offices shifted from simple working spaces to real oases, part for employees to feel as relaxed as possible at work, and part for employers to gain brand reputation. Whatever the reason, entrepreneurs are looking for ways to create outstanding spaces and transform the working landscape from outdated and basic to unique. The “home of the 9-5” is no longer the same boring room with just desks and chairs – ambient light, wood accents, décor items, hanging artwork, and sofas are just some of the items of what is to be called “office” in 2022 and 2023. The Covid-19 pandemic has also massively contributed to this reinterpretation and redefined how people work and use the workspace.

Just as businesses adapt to new work practices, so they should adjust to new interior designs. So, here are some of the major trends in office design that are going to have a real moment in the year to come:

Industrial Style Interior

The industrial style has created a buzz lately, and it is now one of the top home and office design preferences. Its magic lies in rusty and bold furnishing accents, worn out-textures, exposed materials (the metal and wood are the stars of the season), large windows, and enormous light fixtures. This design gives the impression of a somehow messy interior, so if you are into minimalism or classical design, we do not advise you to take the industrial route. But if you want to be out of the ordinary and hear from everyone crossing the threshold of your office exclamations of amazement, then this is the style that represents you. The iconic metal and wood combination and boldly exposed bricks and pipes would amaze with a natural, factory-like look while inspiring a highly stylish ambiance. This style successfully blends with the open floor concept, so industrial is one of the perfect styles if you have always wanted an open floor plan.

Nevertheless, ensure you do not go too far with this design and try as much as possible to maintain a balance between function, stylishness, and comfort. In a working environment, it is imperative to keep surfaces and floors as clean and decluttered as possible to avoid work accidents. You would be surprised how many employees are injured every year due to trips and falls. Among the various injuries workers are exposed to are intoxications, muscle strains and overexertion, finger injuries, and burns. You may want to avoid a situation where an employee fractures a finger because such damage could result in compensation. Claiming compensation in the UK for such injuries is not uncommon, so be sure you provide your workers with maximum safety, not just impeccable interior design.

Coloured Leather Upholstery

Can leather even go out of style? Never. It looks elegant, luxurious, and natural wherever included and whatever the style. Whether you opt for leather armchairs in the waiting room or a huge leather sofa, such pieces are ideal in a caring and sober environment where black and white tones rule. Leather hue is versatile and can be combined with various furniture, light fixtures, and flooring, so if you have run out of design ideas, leather is a safe and eternal choice no one can ever get bored of.

Sustainable Design

Businesses are constantly looking to become more sustainable, which is also reflected in the working environment’s design. It is not just the amount of recycling banners and bins in the workspace – it is also the office design that tells a lot about a company’s efforts towards sustainability. LED lighting, high-efficiency systems, re-purposing and re-using furniture, and low-emission materials are all sustainable elements every company can include in the office space. Natural materials like stone, bamboo, and wood are the leading trends in sustainable design not just because they are eco-friendlier but also because they look stylish and expensive (although they are not so pricey).  

Natural Elements

It has never been more proper to bring nature into the office space. Natural elements, and more precisely plants, are an excellent solution to air cleaning, which is vital in a workspace where employees need clear air to work adequately.

Plus, plants can revive a dull workspace, adding more colour and making the office feel more connected to nature. This way, employees are no longer under the impression that they are stuck between four walls but work in the middle of nature. And if you wonder what plants have to do with a great design, well, a lot! You would be surprised to see how various types of plants mix and match together to create stunning layouts. You can document which plants go well together or hire a professional interior designer for that. Specialists can adequately advise you regarding the design elements in your office and arrange them in a way that inspires something, not just randomly. Because no, a successful interior design has nothing to do with “random” – it implies expertise, creativity, and good taste.

Relaxation Zones

Often called “community spaces,” these zones bring the employees and managers together, evoking a sense of belonging among them. This concept is not that known, but it is predicted to make a real fuss in 2023 and in the years to come. It impacts not only the workflow but also helps with the communication between people that, at first sight, have the impression they have nothing to do with each other, which is not true. Everyone in a company should be treated as a family member or companion because, guess what, this is the environment we spend the most of our time in, these are the people we are surrounded mainly by. Companies like Microsoft and Google have already gone this road and provided their employees with leisure and dynamic spaces where everyone can take a well-deserved break and disconnect for a while. So, it should come as no surprise that we will see more and more such spaces in the offices in the future.


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