How to childproof your bathroom

Water, toys, and bubbles – there isn’t a lot you need to make bath time a fun experience for your kids. As any parent knows hazards are lurking in the bathroom. The good news is that there are many ways to make your bathroom a safer environment for your little ones. We’ve listed the most important ones.

If you are making plans to redesign your bathroom then this is the ideal time to think about child-friendly bathroom designs. Installing a bath screen or opting for slip-proof tiles can make your bathroom a bit safer. To prevent little fingers from getting trapped, incorporate soft closing vanity units and a soft closing toilet seat in your bathroom design.

You aren’t remodelling your bathroom? Well, that isn’t a problem either. Here is what you can do to make your existing bathroom as safe as possible:

Prevent slipping

Keep a non-slip bathmat handy and suction it to the base of the bath before bath time to prevent slips and falls. Bathmats come with suckers that you simply press down to attach the mat to the surface. There are even different fun shapes and sizes that will either tie in with the style of your bathroom or make bath time enjoyable.

Drying those little feet and adding a rug in your bathroom will also prevent your tots from slipping on the tiles once out of the bath. There are many different bathroom rugs currently available so you are bound to find one that matches the style of your bathroom.

Turn down the heat

Bathwater shouldn’t be warmer than 32°C, so turning down the water heater is a must to reduce the risk of scalding. If you can’t install mixer valves to bath taps, then ensure that you first run the cold water and then the hot when running a bath. Mix the water thoroughly and use a thermometer to check the water temperature before starting bath time.

If you use the shower during bath time then it’s a good idea to install a shower thermostat, GROHE has a fantastic selection, for example. This will ensure that the water temperature is consistent, keeping your family protected from sudden bursts of hot and cold water. 

Out of reach

Ensure that you store all your lotions and potions as well as medicines out of reach. A wall-hung cabinet is a good choice, this way you will have easy access to them, but your little ones won’t.
You can also use a lock on the lower cabinet and even place a special lock on the toilet to prevent accidents. Additionally, you can secure the bathroom door with a hook and eye latch, this type of lock can also be used on sliding doors and is easy for adults to unlatch.

Extra safe

Teaching your child to stay sitting when in the bath and making sure that you empty the bath straight away; are a couple of extra tips to keep your tot safe. Ensure that you have everything to hand before bath time begins, such as towels, clothes and shampoo as you won’t be able to leave your tot unsupervised at any stage during bath time.

As you can see, there are many ways to make your bathroom child-friendly so you can relax a bit more and also enjoy the bonding experience of bath time with your little ones.



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