5 fun outdoor activities to try with children this summer

Summer is fast-approaching and with it, the school holidays. You might have a holiday booked or some day trips in mind, but filling those six weeks will require plenty of inspired ideas to keep the kids busy for the time they have off.  

If you’re looking for ideas that will get them outside in the sunshine and keep them occupied this summer, read on. We’ve rounded up some activities that are sure to entertain them during the big break.  

Keep safe 

Before you head out in the summer sun, remember to pop sun scream on yourself and your children and keep cool in a protective sun hat. Additionally, take water with you.  

Summer 2022 was a scorcher and, while we’re still not sure if we’ll see similar temperatures this year, it’s important to be prepared.   

Go for a walk 

Going for a walk is a great way to burn off energy. This isn’t any ordinary walk, however. Give this one a nature theme and create a checklist for them to tick off as they go. You could get them to look out for ladybirds and butterflies as well as flowers and plants. This will give them a chance to get excited about being in nature.  

You could go a step further and get them to draw the best thing they spotted while out and about.  

Hop on a bike 

Going on a bike ride is a great way to enjoy some exercise while exploring your local area. Plan out your route beforehand so that you can stick to safe cycle lanes and paths that allow bikes and make sure that you and your little ones are kitted out with helmets, knee and elbow pads, and that your bicycles are in working order.  

Once you’re ready, you can get out and enjoy pedalling around with your kids.  

Have a balloon fight 

Keep cool on hot days with a water balloon fight. This is fun, fast-paced, and even better if played with others. Maybe you could speak to neighbours to arrange a water fight in your street or invite your children’s friends over for an epic battle.  

Camp out 

Going camping is always fun, but you don’t have to book in at a campsite to enjoy sleeping in the great outdoors. You and the kids can join forces to pitch the tent in the garden, string up some solar-powered lights to make things cosy, and maybe even set up a safe little fire to toast marshmallows. Better still, if you need supplies, you don’t have to go far to collect them.  

Set up an obstacle course 

Dig out the balls, sun loungers, and other items and create your very own obstacle course. You can make this as simple or as advanced as you like, depending on how your children are likely to fare.  

Alternatively, create your very own sports day in your garden. You could introduce team relays and other classic events. Just be sure to boil those eggs before the egg and spoon race!  


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