Updating your living room for less

I have posted before about my ideas and wish list for the decoration of our new house, and although some of the actual structural work has been put on hold (thank you cost of living crisis), we are definitely planning to action some of the plans in the next month or 2. One thing we are planning to change imminently is the living room. 

I love the carpet we have at the moment, but it is very, very impractical with a family of small children. Pale cream carpets do not work well with muddy boots, chocolatey fingers and football kits. Underneath the carpet there is the most gorgeous parquet flooring, but sadly this only covers half the floor – the section that was the original house before it was extended. So we need another plan – and I think that a really good quality laminate is the best bet for us right now. I want something a bit different though – not your bog standard wood effect. There are some really good deals to be had using places such as Love Discount Vouchers, who work alongside some big name brands. 

I’m also keen to add some splashes of colour using soft furnishings such as cushions, throws and curtains. I’ll be using a White Stuff discount code for this, to save myself some pennies. Currently, the walls are cream, the carpet is cream, the doors are cream. The sofa is black (although that’s definitely staying, I love my sofa), the blinds are cream. You can feel the theme going on here, right? I want to get away from the cream and black and bring in some soft, gentle colour, and using accessories for this means I can change the colour scheme whenever I like.

I have been scouring the trusty internet for other fun and practical ideas. Auction sites are great for practical yet fun storage ideas, such as window seat boxes with pretty cushioned tops for extra seating too. If you look carefully, you can find an ebay discount code to help knock a little bit off the cost too.

In my dream land, I fantasise about fresh flowers every day, an open fireplace and wooden shutters. Back in practical land, I just want something clean, crisp and modern with areas to tidy all the mess away. I also want it to reflect us as a family – it is, after all, our main family area, and it has to work for us all. With a little bit of imagination, and some clever searching, there are some great deals to be had, and you can absolutely update your living room on a budget. 


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