How to keep your family safe

Families come in all shapes and sizes but a common goal unites them all: keeping each other safe. From the eldest to the youngest, there are things that you can all do to ensure you are safe together. Car safety is important, as is ensuring you have accurate insurance. Here are some tips to help keep your family safe. 

Car safety

In the UK, 5 people die daily on the road and 84 are seriously injured. These are scary statistics but there are some things you can do to prevent your family from being injured in a car. 

Seatbelts are a legal requirement in the UK for a reason. Making sure that all passengers and drivers are wearing one is a surefire way to prevent serious injury in the event of an accident.

If you have children in your family unit then keeping them in an appropriate car seat will further prevent them should you be in an accident. Your children should be in an appropriate car seat for their height and weight until they are 12 years old or 135 centimetres, whichever comes first. 

To keep all travellers in a car safe, never drive and be under the influence of any substances that can affect your judgement. 

Have proper insurance

If you and your family find yourself in an unfortunate situation such as damage to your home, being able to rely on your insurance is the best way to keep everyone safe. For example, if your home burns down in a fire your family will be homeless. Having good coverage from your home insurance means they will help you find and pay for somewhere to live.

Similarly, car insurance is the best way to avoid financial ruin in the event of an accident. If there are multiple drivers in your household, save money by purchasing multi-car insurance

Keep children safe at home 

Accidents don’t just happen on the road; they can happen at home as well. Having kids gives you an insight into just how dangerous your home can be, often with things you have never thought about before. 

Choking is a huge risk for children especially if they are under the age of 5. Make sure you are always with your kids when they are eating so that if they do choke, you can spring into action straight away. It may be worth taking some first aid courses that are aimed at helping children

Another hazard for younger members of the family is windows. If they can open fully, ensure your child cannot get near them. This is especially important if you are upstairs or in a flat. You can get child safety locks for windows as well as netting to place across them so you can still have the windows open but your child cannot fall out of them.

If your child gets lost, it is important that they can recall your name, address and even phone number. If they are too young you could consider adding this information into their backpack or on a wristband. This may also work for vulnerable family members as well. 

Keeping your family safe is always at the forefront of your mind so following these tips can help to ease that worry. 


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