A Complete Guide on the Mode of Consumption of Outer Space Strain

Cannabis enthusiasts like the Outer Space strain because of its particular qualities that set it apart from other strains. This product’s unique characteristics include stellar genetics, a flavor and olfactory profile that is out of this world, a unique balance of effects, and potency that launches the mind into orbit. It’s crucial to comprehend its many modes of consumption if you want to make use of all its unique features effectively. We will examine the methods of consuming Outer Space strain in this article. 

What Are the Best Modes of Consumption of Outer Space Strain?

These are the most popular ways to use the Outer Space cannabis strain. 

Smoking Outer Space strain 

The most popular method of enjoying Outer Space cannabis strain is through smoking. This entails choosing your favorite smoking tool such as a pipe or joint, among others. All that’s required if you’re smoking a joint is crushing the Outer Space buds by hand or with a grinder. Next, equally spread the ground Outer Space buds over the rolling paper’s length and form it into a cylinder. Additionally, tuck and roll the paper until the seam is nicely created. Press down and lick the sticky edge to seal it. After finishing this, light the joint and inhale steadily and slowly. 

Dry herb vaporising 

Another safe and efficient method of inhaling Outer Space strain is by vaping, which is thought to be healthier than smoking. There are many different kinds of vaporizers available on the market to use with this technique. It is expected of you to choose a dry herb vaporiser that works well for you. Once chosen, grind the Outer Space buds to a medium to fine consistency using a grinder. When you reach a ground consistency, carefully insert the ground Outer Space strain into your vaporiser by opening the chamber. Next, before inhaling, change the vaporiser’s temperature settings and give it time to achieve the ideal temperature. When the vaporiser is ready, inhale slowly and steadily while observing the effects of the vaporisation. After your session, remove any leftover mildly browned Outer Space strain by opening the vaporiser chamber and throwing it away.


Another way to experience Outer Space strain is topically, where it can be used to treat localised issues like pain and inflammation. To do this, gather your carrier oil, Outer Space strain, and optionally, essential oil for aroma. After that, you can decarboxylate the strain by baking it for 30 to 40 minutes at a low temperature (approximately 240 °F) in the oven. Then for several hours over low heat while stirring periodically, infuse the decarboxylated strain into the carrier oil in a heat-resistant container. Strain the mixture to get rid of any plant material after infusion and feel free to add ingredients. After letting the mixture cool to ambient temperature, apply topically to the targeted skin area. Allow the infused topical to absorb into the skin by gently massaging it in; then wait for the positive effects. 


This article has examined three typical ways that Outer Space strain is used. It is advised that you carefully consider the duration of impact for each before choosing the most appropriate way of use for you. 


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