Styling Tips | How to Make Your Bed the Focal Point of Your Room

Your bed frame should be the crown jewel of your bedroom, yet it’s so easy to buy something that frankly doesn’t fit in because of the colour, material, or even the height.  

Whether you crave the sumptuous feel of a boutique hotel suite or prefer a sleek and streamlined bedroom, putting your bed centre stage is the key to creating your dream sleeping sanctuary without spending big. 

Choose a Statement-Making Bed

Everything starts with the right bed frame as your canvas. You can’t go wrong with a winged upholstered bed like the Bedmr Warwick or Limelight Rosa for timeless glamour. The plush, dramatic silhouette envelops you in cosy sophistication.

Pictured: Warwick 4FT 6 Double Fabric Ottoman Bed – Grey. Priced £479 (Save £420 on RRP) Available from Bedstar.

Pictured: Limelight Rosa 4FT 6 Double Ottoman Bed – Natural. Priced £498 (Save £101 on RRP) Available from Bedstar.

Vintage-inspired sleigh beds offer a more traditional take on bedroom luxury. Gently curved head and footboards lend graceful visual interest that beautifully complements modern and classic decor schemes.

The Julian Bowen Rosa or Urban Beds Infinity (pictured below) hit that minimalist sweet spot if you’re drawn to the ultra-tailored look of a low-profile upholstered bed without ornate detailing.

Low bed frames are perfect for minimalist and laid-back interior designs, such as Scandinavian and Japanese styles, while high bed frames (70cm or so off the ground) have a traditional or mid-century feel. The choice is yours. 

Curate a Luxurious Boudoir

Once you have that showstopping centrepiece in place, it’s time to layer in all the sumptuous accents that transform your bed into an indulgent oasis. 

Start by dressing it with plump euro shams and a pile of decorative pillows in various sizes, textures, and patterns for an opulent, dimensional look.

Crisp white sheets always read as fresh and chic, but don’t be afraid to incorporate subtle colour through a woven coverlet or matelassé quilt for depth and richness. 

Pictured: Julian Bowen Rosa 4FT 6 Double Bed Frame. Priced £279 (Save £70 on RRP) Available from Bedstar.

A plush mattress topper and cosy throw blanket add an irresistible dose of cloud-like softness. The key is sticking to a curated colour palette for cohesion.

Next Level Lighting

While luxe bedding and layers of pillows certainly set a lavish tone, a suitable lighting scheme is essential for enhancing that boutique-inspired ambience. 

Swap harsh overheads for a chic statement pendant or sculptural chandelier that casts a soft, diffused glow over the entire room.

Flank each nightstand with matching lamps to create symmetry and ample reading light for those lazy mornings lounging in bed. Dimmers or smart bulbs allow you to control the illumination level and colour temperature for the perfect warm ambience.

Make a Feature Walls

Feature walls with slatted wooden strips are fantastic for giving your bedroom depth, or you can get the effect for less with wallpaper. Another option for a feature wall is half-height wooden panelling for a traditional or mid-century vibe. 

Paint is the easiest option, and dusky blues, pastel yellows, and off-whites are the most popular bedroom feature wall colours in 2024. 

Pictured: Infinity 4FT 6 Double Bed Frame – Cream. Priced £399 (Save £180 on RRP) Available from Bedstar.

Just ensure your bed frame stands out against your feature wall – the last thing you want is to draw too much attention away from it. 

Those Finishing Flourishes

Every well-styled boudoir needs those final embellishments. A gallery wall above the headboard anchors the focal point with an artistic, personalised touch. Metallic accents like a brass carafe or silver tray on your nightstand introduce subtle shine.

Arrange a lush potted plant like dracaena or parlour palm in the corner to breathe life into the room. Fresh flowers in an elegant vase can dress up your nightstand, while a plush area rug helps ground the space and keeps those first steps out of bed sumptuous.

With your statement bed taking centre stage, curated lighting casting that flattering glow, and layers of decadent textures at every turn, your once-humble bedroom evolves into a five-star luxury retreat. 


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