How to Launch a Career as a Freelance Writer

Have you always dreamed about becoming a writer? If so, you are not alone. Countless individuals currently pursue this passion, and a sizeable portion of this demographic can generate a significant income over time. It can still be tricky to know how and where to begin. What do professional freelance writers have to say? Are there any first-time hacks that might be able to provide you with a slight edge? Let’s see what it takes to embrace such a role, and how you can maximise the overall experience. 

Getting Technical Concerns Out of the Way

All of the most successful independent writers utilise a standalone website as their primary means of contact. These portals are also excellent ways to feature prominently within major search engines such as Google and Bing; further increasing their online exposure. So, a fair amount of thought should be devoted to the basics. For example, choosing domain names with professional assistance, and implementing a user-friendly website design package can both vastly simplify the more technical aspects associated with launching your services. Of course, feel free to perform additional research. 

Make Your Talents Known

As this article correctly highlights, any online venture will also involve a fair amount of marketing. This observation is even more relevant when just starting out, as you have yet to establish a solid client base. Never fail to leverage the online opportunities at your disposal; especially when referring to social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter. These are excellent ways to connect with your target audience, and they allow you to accrue followers over time. 

Hone Your Specific Set of Skills

Some accomplished writers will claim that “more is better” when discussing the number of topics that you should be comfortable addressing. Others firmly state that the best way forward is to identify your niche market, and to focus on this specific topic or sector. This could very well be the most effective approach; especially in the beginning when you are still learning the ropes. You can always expand your repertoire at a later date. 

Networking and Beyond

There may indeed come a time when you are able to support yourself through the use of a personal client base. Until then, it is prudent to partner with other established portals. Many websites are actively hiring new writers, and some are even willing to pay you for your submitted content. It could also be wise to write for free (on occasion), as you can then use these articles as examples for others who wish to learn more about your knowledge base. 

Develop Leather Skin

Success can often come at a price. When discussing the freelance writing industry, this could present itself as criticism from clients on occasion. Do not let these opinions detract you from your ultimate goals. If anything, they should be used as learning experiences. Even the best in the business cannot please everyone all of the time. Those who can maintain a sense of positive momentum are the very same individuals who might soon be living their dream. 



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