After school activities

When my kids come home from school, they are always ‘bored’ and looking for something fun to do. Tonight they are painting salt dough shapes and my kitchen looks like a paintball arena already, but they are happy and having fun, which allows me to get on with cooking tea and preparing packed lunches for tomorrow! I love salt dough, and nearly always have a batch of it in the fridge, ready for the kids to roll, cut, dry and paint – they make all sorts with it!

Salt dough is so easy – just half a cup of salt, half a cup of water and 1 cup of flour. Add the water to the dry ingredients slowly, as you may not need it all. I have also found, that instead of baking in the oven for hours, a quick 3 minute zap in the microwave dries the salt dough shapes out instantly, ready to cool and paint – great for impatient little children!

What do your kids get up to after school?


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