Tips for taking photos of babies and children!

I have only recently discovered Zulily UK but I am now totally addicted to it! So what is it?
Zulily UK is a daily deals site, which features brand new offers for mums, babies and children every day! These events are time limited, and members are emailed every day with the new daily offers – so sometimes it really is good to be up early as it means you can catch the best deals!
The items on offer are always great – there are always big brand names and with up to 90% off retail prices, it allows you to buy things you otherwise may not be able to afford – and if you buy several things in one day they all come under one small delivery charge! (Usually £3.99)

I have to admit I wasn’t convinced to start with, expecting the site to be full of things I neither want or need, but I have been pleasantly suprised, and will be using the site regularly from now on!

Zulily have recently given us bloggers a challenge – to offer up our best tips for taking photos of little ones. So here are my personal top tips for making precious photographic memories:


This has to be my top tip! We have several pictures that are really precious to us, but we only managed to capture them because we happened to have a camera with us at the time. It doesnt have to be a high spec camera, a camera phone or a cheap disposable can work just as well! One of my favourite photos ever was taken during a journey to a holiday. The kids had been cooped up in the car for a long time and so we stopped to let them run on a small beach we were passing, making sure we grabbed the camera on the way!

We have quite a good camera and I happened to flick it into black and white mode as the kids ran up the beach, pleased to be free of the car, and captured one of my fave photos of the 2 little monkeys!
I think that sometimes, the best pictures are the ones where your child is unaware of the camera. When they are busy exploring, playing and discovering, you can get some fantastic shots, the wonder on children’s faces when they discover something new is priceless.
The easiest tip of all! Have fun with your kids, don’t spend too much time thinking about setting up good shots or poses, that’s no fun for little ones! Jump in and join in the games, just make sure you have your camera in your pocket at the same time! This photo of my daughter was taken while we both rode the zip wires at an adventure park. I set off just before her, and as she whizzed towards me laughing I captured all the fun of the moment 🙂
So there you go – my top tips for capturing those precious moments. Have fun with it, and let me know if any of the tips work for you!
I have entered this blog into the Zulily bloggers photo competition.

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  1. January 13, 2013 / 7:49 pm

    i love your photos! Totally agree about having a camera with you. I know keep our spare camera in my coat pocket because there have been so many moments when i wished i had my camera with me!

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