Boots Pregnancy and New Mum Support Service

I have recently discovered the new Boots Pregnancy and New Mum Support Service which has just been launched in UK pharmacies nationwide. This service provides new and expectant mothers with easy access to support and advice they may need at this time in their lives. I have found their advice and support services to be really helpful, especially as some things have changed since I was last expecting a baby 5 years ago, and I plan to continue using the support services once baby arrives.

Supporting mums from bump to birth
Boots UK launches Pregnancy and New Mum Support Service
Motherhood is an exciting time in your life – whether you’re preparing for your new arrival, or are already changing nappies. It is also a time when you are likely to have more questions about your health and wellbeing. To help support women during these life stages, Boots UK has launched a Pregnancy and New Mum Support Service available in Boots UK pharmacies.
Whether you are looking for advice on what medicine to take when you are pregnant and have a cold, are wondering which beauty products are safe to use or you need nutritional guidance when you are breastfeeding, Boots UK pharmacists are on hand to answer these questions and help you stay on top of your health.
The Boots Pregnancy and New Mum Support Service is available now in Boots UK pharmacies nationwide to provide women with the answers they may need at this time of their life:
Boots UK pharmacists there to help
·         All Boots UK pharmacists are on hand to answer your questions face to face and provide advice tailored to your needs to help give you peace of mind
Increased information in-store
·         To support advice offered by your pharmacist, an information leaflet spanning health, lifestyle, nutrition and beauty coupled with information on shelf that signposts selected products that are suitable for use when pregnant or breastfeeding.  Look out for the symbol showing which medicines may be suitable.
Additional information available online
·         Visit Boots Pregnancy and Breastfeeding for up to date information and guidance that you can refer to when you are at home – with either your bump or baby!


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