Go-Kart Party!

Gemma and Jacob have had a wonderful time this morning, attending a friend’s Go-Kart birthday Party! We have never been to a Go-Kart party before so didn’t really know what to expect, but it was great!
The kids were all shown how to work the Go-Karts and then they took part in a variety of games and races. Straightforward racing, catch the Go-Kart with the flag on, Pairs races and even a game of ‘Cops and Robbers’!
All the children at the party had the best time, and they were all laughing, shouting and joining in with cheering on their friends.

They finished off with traditional party food (I think our 2 monkeys ate most of it!) before we made our way home. Both children are now exhausted, but have had a really wonderful time. What a great idea!


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