Guest Post – Life with the Graco Evo Mini by Mummy and the Chunks

This is a guest post by Carly, who blogs over at Mummy and the Chunks. She has 2 little monkeys – Gracie, who is 2 and Zach, who is 6 months. Together they have been reviewing the new Graco Evo Mini, and here they share their thoughts and opinions.

I have to say – I am loving the look of this pushchair!
We were very lucky recently to find out that we had been chosen by Graco to test out the Graco Evo Mini. We have now been testing the Evo Mini for almost a month and have managed to test it out in a number of different situations. Both Gracie (2) and Zach (6 months) have loved using it. 
Since having Zach I have struggled to find a pushchair that suits both of them perfectly, with them either being too small for Gracie or too big for Zach. The Evo Mini has definitely solved that problem. It is more like a mini luxurious pushchair than a lightweight stroller. The seat looks lovely and comfy with it’s padded seat, which is usually a big problem with strollers. Gracie is tall for her age and weighs roughly 13kg yet fits perfectly without her legs dangling or her head touching the hood. Zach is only 7.6kg but also fits perfectly without slipping like he would in an average stroller, thanks to the cushioned seat he can sit without leaning to the side. The seat can be fully reclined, making it suitable from newborn, which is great for Zach as he loves to have a good nap in the pushchair while we are out and the basket is still fully accessible whilst in the fully reclined position. The basket is huge for a stroller! I was amazed at the amount I could fit in with it regularly holding my Boba 3G baby carrier, Evo Mini raincover and a vast array of shopping.
Both Zach and Gracie have plenty of room in the Graco Evo Mini!

The Evo Mini is so slimline that it is perfect for public transport. We have used it on buses and trains over the last few weeks and have written a special post on our blog on how fantastic it is to use on public transport. You can find that post HERE. We have also tested it out in different weather conditions. When we first received the Evo Mini it was snowing constantly and we couldn’t wait for a test drive. I was very impressed with how it handled in snow all I had to do was lock the front wheel and it glided through! This week we took it too our local park, not realising how strong the winds were! Luckily I had the raincover in the basket so we could pop that on to keep the wind out of Zachs face (while the rest of us were being blown away and gasping for air!) The raincover is a perfect fit, which I find rare with pushchairs, it fits nice and snug and is so easy to attach. Although we live as far away from a beach as possible, not by choice I must add! The park has a sandy play area which meant I still got to try it out on sand, much to a lot of onlookers amusement at me dragging a pushchair backwards through the playground. I’m afraid to say that didn’t go as well as I hoped, I’m yet to find a pushchair that isn’t a chore to take to the beach!
The raincover is a perfect fit.
I have to say the Evo Mini is almost perfect and would definitely recommend it to anyone (unless you live on a beach) If you would like to read more about our adventures with the Graco Mini Evo feel free to visit my blog 
I would like to say a massive thanks to Kate for letting me share our experience with you all. Hope you enjoyed reading.
*Carly is conducting an ongoing review of the Graco Evo Mini and is competing for the title of Graco Ambassador*


  1. April 19, 2013 / 8:37 am

    Looks fab Carly and a great read. Tempting me to get one too!

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  3. March 17, 2016 / 5:22 pm

    Definitely enjoyed reading your experience with this Graco stroller!

    It has been a few years; how is the stroller holding up?


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