Pregnancy week 36 – hopes and fears

This week will mark week 36 of my pregnancy, and I am starting to feel like I can relax a little bit.
My last pregnancy ended up with the premature birth of Jacob at 34 weeks, and as he was early, he needed to spend some time in special care, and needed some help with feeding and maintaining his body temperature. He is now absolutely fine, but it was still a very scary experience for me, and all the way through this pregnancy I have been worrying about going into labour too early again. Now I am at the 36 week marker, I am starting to feel a lot less panicky, and enjoying my last few weeks of pregnancy!

Our first baby, Gemma, was not born prematurely – in fact she was almost 3 weeks late, but she still spent some time in special care after her traumatic entry into the world.
This time round my biggest wish is to have my baby with me after the birth. It’s a huge deal for me, and the thing I am most worried about. Despite this being my 3rd baby, I have never had that incredible bonding and feeding time straight after the birth, and it is something I long for this time round.

So everyone keep your fingers crossed for me, and hopefully I will get my wish!

Pregnancy really is an amazing thing!

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