Funky Sofas – something for everyone!

I have always found it hard to find sofas that I like, and that complement my room. I want something practical and family friendly that still looks pretty and funky! I thought that might just be impossible until I discovered British Chesterfield Sofas.

There are large, roomy, family friendly sofas (perfect for movie nights with the kids)

That still have great design features, and just look pretty (and everyone wants a sofa that makes a statement in a room – because it is usually the first thing you see!)

I think a lot of these sofa designs will appeal to all my women readers – as Chesterfield Sofas have velvet designs (very luxurious) and even…DIAMONDS! Now what girl doesn’t like a diamond right? 😉
So if you are looking for a new sofa that can manage all the rigors of family life and still make you smile when you park your bum at the end of a long day, then why not take a look for yourself, and shop at British Chesterfield Sofas? You might just find what you have been looking for…
* This post was commissioned by 123Sofa *



  1. September 10, 2013 / 6:16 am

    Beautiful and comfy sofas, Having a perfect sofa in the house is brilliant. It would be great if guests would feel comfortable and welcome.Thomas the Tank Engine Beds

  2. November 19, 2013 / 1:26 pm

    Hey Kate, both patterns are good looking and will surely get the attention. Time when modern designer sofa are covering the market, it is only possible by these classy products that we are aware of old fashion, otherwise no one would’ve remembered this time. Though I’ve modern styled furniture at my place, but would love to get these too. I liked the vintage design. Thanks for sharing a nice post.

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