The Nutmeg ‘Back to School’ range from Morrisons – review

It’s that time of year again where we all go a bit crazy buying up school uniform ready for the new school term. With 2 rapidly growing children now in school, this can be an expensive time of year for me, and supermarket ranges have always been high on my list, as they tend to be good value and I can get a lot for my money.
I have to admit to never having thought of Morrisons for school clothes before, so when they asked me to review their new Nutmeg range, I was really interested to see how it would compare to other uniform ranges.
Morrisons describe their range as the perfect balance between hardwearing and comfort:

We think what makes Nutmeg a bit different is the thoughtful details. Knowing there’s nothing worse than a tickly label, all the clothes (school and non-school) are free from rough, itchy or tickly labels. And all jackets, tops and t-shirts are made from super soft fabrics for all day comfort. DIY is a big theme in the collection – where there’s a zip, they’re are big and chunky so kids can do them up themselves and trousers have adjustable waistbands, designed to be easily pulled up and perfect for growth spurts.

So what did we get? Basically a full uniform for both children:

  • 2 pairs of trousers – £3 each
  • 2 packs of polo shirts – £2 per pack
  • 2 sweatshirts – £3 each
  • 2 pairs of plimsolls – £3 each
  • 2 school bags – £12 each
  • 2 A4 writing pads – £1 each

Sounds great. Looks great when we unpack it. Feels great to touch. But the real test is getting it on the children and seeing what they think.

Gemma loves her uniform. She says that the shirt is ‘baggy and comfy’ and that her bag is ‘really cool’.
As for what I think – I also think it’s pretty cool! The fit is true to size – the shirts are loose enough to be comfortable without being baggy, and the trousers come with that fabulous button waist so you can adjust to fit your child, and know that the trousers will grow with them. 
The bag is great for my ‘grown-up’ girl, and I know she would happily take this to school and show it off to the class.
The plimsolls are great too – I much prefer them to trainers for P.E as they are so much more flexible, and tend to have a better grip too. These are easy to slip on, and they have really tough rubber soles and a rubber toe too, so should stand up to scuffing and whatever else kids do to their shoes!

The bag also proved popular with Jacob. He has been carrying it around all day, using it to transport the A4 writing pad (which has quickly become a very long Christmas list) as well as cars, pens and all sorts of other essential items. 
When asked what he thought about his uniform he replied ‘Its pretty good, I like my cool shoes, and the trousers don’t itch me’. High praise indeed – especially from an eczema riddled child who complains that EVERYTHING itches!

In conclusion, I am pleasantly surprised by the quality and attention to detail. There really are no itchy, scratchy labels and everything is made to last. The trousers, as well as being adjustable, are Teflon coated (this is very important when you have a boy, as many of you will know. We have lost several pairs of trousers to holey knees), and the shirts feel thick and tough too. The sweatshirts are lines with really soft material, almost fleece like, so I know that Gemma and Jacob could wear these all day without being uncomfortable.
The bags are huge – probably too big at the moment, but will be ideal when the children have more items to carry around – at present they are book bag and lunchbox kids.
There really is very little to fault. The trousers are slightly long but my children are not ever so tall, and we find this in every range, so it’s not really a negative – it’s easy enough to just take up the hem.

All in all, a really good value range, at a price that won’t break the bank!

* We were sent these products free of charge for review purposes but all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own, and those of my children *



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