Nonabox review

I was recently selected as an official Nonabox reviewer, and was really pleased as I had heard good things about this subscription box service. The idea behind Nonabox is simple – every month you get sent a box full of specially selected products reflecting your stage of pregnancy or motherhood. 
I received my first box recently, and I must point out here that this blogger introduction box is NOT tailored to my stage of motherhood. It is purely a ‘sample’ box that shows you the sort of thing you could expect to receive for your £25 fee.

You receive a beautifully wrapped box. It feels like Christmas. 


Inside this sample box I received:
  • Pregnancy relaxation CD
  • Magic inkless print kit – perfect for little hand and footprints without the mess!
  • Baby massage guide and massage oil. Max loves being massaged after a bath so this has come in handy.
  • Nonabox branded shopping bag

As stated, these are not all relevant to me, and this was not a standard tailored box. However, I was somewhat underwhelmed with the contents if I am honest. The printing kit is lovely, and the massage oil is nice, although I didn’t need the guide myself as I did baby massage classes. The shopping bag will probably not get used, purely because I either use a changing bag or the pushchair basket to carry things.

It seems rather a small amount of stuff for £25. If I had ordered this as a gift for a pregnant friend, I think I would have been disappointed – I would like to see more products included, and less leaflets – I could pick those up myself in any doctors waiting room. 
As I have said, I have heard good things about Nonabox. Next month I will receive a tailored box, suited to Max’s stage of development, and I am looking forward to seeing how that compares. Keep watching for an update!

* I was sent this box free of charge as part of the review scheme. All thoughts and opinions are my own. *


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