Project 365 round up, days 40-46

Another week, another project 365 round up. The weather has been atrocious this week so there has been a lot of inside time, but with half term upon us, the sun has made a breakthrough, so I am hoping it lasts!

Day 40 – Gemma used some of her birthday money to buy herself some One Direction pyjamas.
Day 41 – I picked Jacob up from school and he held Max’s hand all the way home. Max thought it was hilarious and kept laughing at him.
Day 42 – Cheesy grin. Max showing off his teeth.
Day 43 – Max is such a cheeky monkey. He steals the remote from the coffee table and laughs at you as he does it…
Day 44 – Our new family rules.
Day 45 – Valentines Day. I was very lucky today and received a card and a gorgeous glass tealight holder from my lovely husband.
Day 46 – Trip to the farm shop to buy meat, fruit and veg. I love the colours.

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