Valentines Day – love it or hate it?

Valentines Day is everywhere today – you can’t really hide from it! But do you love it or loathe it?

I don’t really mind either way. On the one hand, everyone loves to get a card or a present – even if they say that they don’t. I was lucky enough to receive a lovely card and a gorgeous glass candle holder this morning.

I love the excuse that Valentines Day gives us to actually make an effort. Instead of chucking anything in the oven tonight, I will be lovingly preparing and cooking a roast dinner for Kevin. We might even stretch to a film tonight instead of flopping onto the sofa after the bedtime routine and watching any old rubbish that happens to be on, such as Homes under the Hammer which I found myself watching the other night.
On the other hand, it is a bit of a commercial exercise isn’t it? A good day for card shops, florists and anywhere that sells chocolates. Another date to try and remember amongst all the birthdays, anniversaries and dentist appointments. 
Sometimes, it’s just nice to get a treat on a random day of the year too. A bunch of flowers on a Friday night after work, a box of chocolates after a particularly stressful day, or a meal cooked for you when you have had to drag yourself out in the rain for endless after school club pick-ups.
So for me? Valentines Day is a bit of fun. I am not going to pretend it’s not nice to get a gift, because it is. Of course it is. But I also think it is nice to get a gift, treat or little token surprise on another day of the year too – for no other reason than you want to show that special person you love them no matter what the date.
Do you celebrate Valentines Day?


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