Fisher Price feeding range review

I am a huge fan of Fisher Price, so when I was asked to review the new feeding range I couldn’t wait to get stuck in. 
We received the 3 flow insulated sippy cup, the heat sensitive bowls and the flexible learn to hold spoons.

The sippy cup is different to anything I have seen before. At first glance it looks like your average toddler cup, with handles and a soft spout. But it actually has 3 settings – soft spout for new drinkers, limited flow for the next stage and then open flow for accomplished toddlers. Max has only ever used a spout up to now, but we decided to try the limited flow setting, which is a small 3 holed opening. He managed ever so well, although it took him a while to work out how to drink with no spout!
I like the idea that the cup is so adaptable – it will last from the very first days of introducing a cup right through until your tot is ready for a regular beaker. The handles make it easy for children to hold themselves, and because it is insulated it is perfect for keeping drinks cool on a hot day. We threw the cup in the changing bag this weekend, and I am pleased to report that it really is leak proof too!
The heat sensitive bowls are fantastic. They come in bright and funky colours, and look like average baby bowls. The beauty of these comes when you add food – if it’s too hot for your baby to eat, the bowl will change colour so you know to leave it to cool for a while.
When the colour changes back, you know that the food is at a safe temperature to feed to your little one. Max loved these bowls too – they were the perfect size for him to hold.
the food didn’t stay in the bowls for long….

but that is the beauty of a weaning baby. Food (and bowls) are for exploring!
Finally, we had the flexible ‘Learn to hold’ spoons. Soft, easy hold handles that can bend and flex to make them the perfect shape for your little one to hold and practice eating with.

Max loved these spoons. The soft handles were stroked, chewed and bent, and he managed to get a good grip on them and scoop a few bits of rice from his tray onto the spoon (which then got thrown on the floor, but that’s another matter).
I am really impressed with the Fisher Price feeding range. It is bright, practical and reasonably priced. My favourite item is the heat sensitive bowl – it’s so nice to have that bit of reassurance that the food you are feeding is the correct temperature for your little one. I think the spoons will come in more and more useful as Max grows and learns to feed himself, and I look forward to trying out the open flow setting on the sippy cup in a few months as Max masters drinking from a cup.
The Fisher Price feeding range can be purchased from Boots – the flexible spoons are £5.99, a pack of 3 feeding bowls is £9.99 and the sippy cup is just £4.49.
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