Ella’s Kitchen weaning guide

Weaning is a big stage in any little ones life. Making the change from a milk only diet, to integrating your tot into the family meals can be fun, rewarding and messy. 
Sometimes, it can also be REALLY confusing, with conflicting advice from all sides about when to start, what to feed, how much they should be having and what to avoid. 

That’s why Ella’s Kitchen have come up with their rather fabulous interactive weaning guide. Just pop in your details – you can even add in a pic of your little one to make it more personal – and the guide will talk you through the weaning process. The Do’s and Dont’s, some tips from experts and mums, and some great ideas about the sort of foods to introduce. 

It’s a really great place to go for information and a bit of reassurance that you are doing the right thing in the messy minefield of weaning. 
If you are just starting out, I can highly recommend the Ella’s Kitchen First Tastes range. Now available in 5 scrummy new flavours – carrots, prunes, parsnips, peaches and sweet potatoes – these are the perfect small and smooth portions for your little ones first foray into the world of food.
Despite the fact that Max is now almost fully weaned onto family meals, we still love these First Taste pouches. They are great as an accompaniment to other foods – you can stir them into pasta, spread them onto toast, and Max loves the prunes flavour mixed into a bit of natural yogurt.
Do you remember what your little ones first taste of food was? Was it the traditional baby rice or did you try something different? The first taste we gave Max was a bit of pureed banana, and he still adores bananas now. I wonder if it has to do with his first taste?


  1. April 11, 2014 / 11:15 pm

    This is a great idea if we ever had another little one I will definitely join x

  2. April 12, 2014 / 2:10 pm

    I had never thought to add the pouches to pasta or on toast. Great ideas, thanks! x

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