Project 365, days 110 – 116

This is our last week in our current home – in 3 days time we move 300 miles. I am nervous, excited and terrified in equal measures, and I can’t wait for us to be settled again. 
This week has been a mixture of sunshine, packing and a very special little boys birthday.
Day 110 – A cheeky monkey keeps crawling off every time I say bedtime…
Day 111 – Sunshine, so time for s spot of homemade raspberry lemonade!
Day 112 – Max tries out some new bath toys. I love how bright his eyes are in this picture.

Day 113 – The children are ‘helping’ with the packing

Day 114 – Curiously watching Jacob build a tower 
Day 115 – Happy 6th birthday Jacob!
Day 116 – the sun is shining and Gemma is dressed for the occasion.
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