Travelling with children – a guest post

Today I have my very first guest post from a child’s perspective – please welcome Ickle Pickle with some top travelling tips!
The lovely Kate from Family Fever has invited me to write a guest post, and I was really pleased to do so. I thought I would share with you how my family copes with travelling. I am an 18 month old baby boy blogger, whose life, adventures and discoveries are at Please do pop over and say hi 🙂

In the Easter Holidays I went on a mini holiday with my family to see my Great Nana. We travelled by car, from West Wales to Manchester. Luckily, I am usually a good, happy little traveller, and these are the things that help me!
Also travelling are my brother who is 11, and my sisters who are 14 and 17. None of them can read whilst travelling or they get car sick. Although they all like some of the same music, they each also like their own songs too. They each have their phones with their music on, and headphones for each of them is a must. As are phone charger leads for use in the car.
Mummy had a great car stereo for Christmas, and the others can play their music from their phones through it, so they take it in turns to play a song each that way. Until mummy gets a headache! I love music too, my favourite songs, which my sisters have downloaded for me are Roar by Katy Perry, and Happy by Farrell Williams. They play these for me if I get fed up.
travel guest post
Mummy has always made sure there is a bag, kept in the back of the car, with drinks, and snacks that they all like.
Mummy packs my changing bag with plenty of essentials for me, and makes sure it is under my seat in the car, so my brother / sister can easily reach it. This includes baby wipes, bibs, spare dummies, my drink, and a spare sheety (my comforter). Mummy packs a separate little bag with my favourite toys and things in. 
Mummy plans our journey to stop when I am due my lunch, and we always have breakfast on the way too, because of where we live, it is 45 minutes until we stop. It saves time and washing up before we leave!
I love animals, and the others all ask me if I can see the cows or the sheep or the horseys in the fields, which distracts me if I do get a bit grumpy. They also point out tractors, diggers, lorries and other large or bright vehicles to me too. 
Mummy plans the stops at well known places, such at Motorway Services, McDonald’s, or a supermarket with a cafe, so she knows there is something we all like, and what to expect, instead of trying to find somewhere when we stop. Everyone always gets out of the car for a little walk around, and someone always needs the loo! 
travel guest post 2
My favourite game is dropping, on purpose, my dummy or favourite toy. On the side of my car seat nearest the car door, where it is very difficult to reach! As crazy as it sounds, mummy keeps some BBQ tongs in the car – they are a handy grabber to reach something I have dropped! You can buy them really cheaply.


Mummy always says that the journey is part of the holiday, and it takes as long as it takes! That way, we all know that we will get there when we get there, and we may as well have the most fun we can. 
If you are travelling through the night, going by motorway where possible can be better because the services are open 24 hours, and if you break down, you are not stranded on a quiet road. There is also less risk of night animals running out in to the road. 
I am flying on an aeroplane in June for the first time, if anyone has any tips for me, please let me know 🙂
Some great travel tips there – thanks for sharing Ickle Pickle! 


  1. May 2, 2014 / 11:33 am

    Great tips Ickle Pickle! Your family look like a lot of fun x

    • May 2, 2014 / 7:43 pm

      Thank you! Yes, we do have lots of fun! Never a dull moment!

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