Chicago Town pizza party

We all love the occasional pizza, and the World Cup provided the perfect excuse to have our own little pizza party. With the help of some Chicago Town vouchers, some sun and a paddling pool we set up camp in the garden to enjoy an afternoon of summer football fun.

The new Chicago Town Takeaway pizzas are as close as you can get to a takeaway pizza without ordering a takeaway. Quickly frozen and never pre baked, it rises beautifully in the oven, with a crust stuffed full of tomato sauce and loads of toppings to choose from. We went for classic Cheese and BBQ Sizzler for our pizza party.

Chicago Town pizza

Easy to bake in just 10-15 minutes from frozen, the pizza smelled delicious, and we couldn’t wait to dig in. The children were especially excited about the stuffed crust, having never tried one before.

Chicago Town pizza

It was a massive hit. The kids can sometimes be a bit fussy about pizza, especially Jacob who only likes certain toppings. The children shared the cheese pizza, while Kevin and I went for the BBQ sizzler – which is delicious, and tastes better than our local takeaway. The dough is lovely and crisp, and the stuffed crust releases a tangy tomato hit when you bite into it – which is the bit Max especially enjoyed! (I apologise for the naked eating, but pizza is just too messy to wear a t-shirt when you are 1)

There was very little pizza left over – the kids wolfed theirs down with waffles and beans, while the adults had homemade wedges and salad. At around £4, they are slightly dearer than some frozen pizzas, but still much, much cheaper than a comparable takeaway option. We will definitely be picking up a couple more when we next do a food shop – they are ideal for keeping in the freezer and pulling out when you need a quick and easy dinner. 

Do you love pizza? What is your favourite topping?



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  1. July 2, 2014 / 10:37 am

    Oh yes, we like Chicago Town pizzas here, too! The more cheese the better seems to be how it goes!

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