Guest post: When is the right time for baby 2?

Today I have a guest post by the lovely Sarah from SazzleStyle. Mum to Evie, 13 months, Sarah and her partner are debating the right time for another addition to the family.
So, baby 2….
No we aren’t expecting but we have come to the time where we are thinking about when we should take the plunge and try for a little brother or sister for Evie. 
Evie is now 13 months old and she’s a treasure, she is so grown up and independent already and both myself and my partner are really missing our baby cuddles! But are we ready to have baby number 2 just yet? I think the answer to that one is no. As much as we are both wanting those precious little cuddles again, we also want to focus on Evie and her first years too. 
We had a very rough time before becoming pregnant with Evie losing pregnancies, and the constant heartache of the negative tests each month. When we then conceived Evie I had terrible hyperemesis gravidarum for the first 20 weeks, seeing me admitted to hospital and countless blood tests and scans. And then of course labour…giving birth was fine, but the countless mess ups made by the hospital were not. 
Pregnancy for me is something that’s so magical yet terrifying all at the same time for those reasons. And that’s another reason I don’t think I or my body are ready for the emotional and physical changes just yet! 
And then we were confronted with a colicky baby. Now I don’t know if it was me just being daft, but I was never informed of colic or made aware of signs to look for, but Evie was a very colicky baby, and heating your little one cry out in tummy pain when there’s nothing you can really do (after trying EVERYTHING) is just heart breaking! Now that I know more about it as Evie suffered for months, I think it’d be less of a struggle, but it would still break my heart hearing another helpless little one in pain because of silly wind! 
Sleeping, teething, crawling, walking … People always seem to constantly crave to keep up with other people’s babies, when they first slept through, first tooth etc etc….and to me, some people are the same with when they have baby number 2… People always ask ‘ooooh when are you having the next one then?’ Like there’s and expiry date and I have to do it now, well, that’s just not the case and we will try for baby 2 IF and when we are ready 🙂 
What age gap did you leave between your first and second? Was it a nice age gap?  Did you have similar fears of a second pregnancy? 
So for now, this is us …
Baby number 2
It’s so difficult to know what the ‘right’ age gap is. It depends on so many factors doesn’t it? Would love to hear your thoughts!


  1. August 31, 2014 / 11:26 pm

    I don’t think there is such a thing as the perfect age gap. We had 20 months between them and it was hard at first but it’s fantastic now and I wouldn’t change it x
    Donna recently posted…The Start of SomethingMy Profile

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